Industry Relationships

TriPoint maintains relationships with a wide-range of professionals and other securities industry sources, such as investment bankers, other broker-dealers, accountants, attorneys and financial professionals and consultants.

It is through these relationships that we can provide a well-rounded and complete array of services and we believe that these relationships will enable TriPoint to service our client's needs.

In addition, we believe that these relationships can provide our clients with exceptional opportunities that could expand and augment their business.


Corporate Development

TriPoint can help design a corporate development strategy based on each client's individual goals and challenges.

Succeeding in today's economy is often dependent on developing the right strategic partnerships - TriPoint's strategies revolve around relationships with 'essential' partners, those that add significant value to a client's business activities and offer strategic advantages in the marketplace.

Whether your partnerships are based on corporate investment, marketing, or other areas of synergy, any one of these may be the single most important element for the success of an early stage or growing company and we can assist with implementing your strategy.


Corporate Compliance

TriPoint can advise client companies about corporate compliance and governance. With recent changes in the regulatory environment such as Regulation FD and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, it is extremely important that public companies are aware of changes to rules and regulations that govern the companies' conduct as a public entity.

We assist our clients in staying current on and having up to date knowledge of the new rules and regulations, as well as how to implement the procedures required by specific rule changes.


Corporate Finance

To assist our clients reach their business development goals, we offer them introductions and access to a vast array of lending institutions, private equity funds, hedge funds, banks and broker-dealers to provide equity, equity lines and debt for both large and small clients.

Very few firms can offer the access, expertise, and targeted corporate financial experiences that we can deliver to our clients.


Broker Dealer/Placement Agent Introductions

TriPoint has strategic relationships with several FINRA member broker dealers. TriPoint will match our client's needs with the appropriate investment bank that will provide institutional and retail sources of capital in a wide variety of financing instruments including private equity financing, debt financing, private investments in public equity (PIPES), mezzanine debt financing and receivable financing.


Executive Consultants

Critical to the success of a company is the quality of its management team. A company's strength is often directly related to the experience, expertise and relationships of its senior managers.

The experience and talent of the board members and senior management affect the company's ability to raise money, utilize capital effectively, and make timely and cost-effective decisions on operational and management issues.

TriPoint has relationships with talented and proven executives and senior managers throughout the country who have interest in serving on boards and providing consulting and full-time services for emerging and established companies. These individuals have been instrumental in directing the growth and success of a wide range of companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 firms.

In addition to board and consulting positions, TriPoint can introduce its client companies to potential Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) candidates from our list of qualified and experienced consultants.


Mergers and Acquisitions - Buying and Selling

TriPoint represents both buyers and sellers in merger and acquisition deals. We work to ensure that transactions are successfully completed with a structure that enables our clients to accomplish their goals. We offer a wide range of services for both buyers and sellers.