TriPoint Capital Advisors maintains specialized practices in capital markets advisory, corporate consulting, mergers and acquisitions, corporate development, corporate governance and compliance services.

Our clients include both private and public companies, in what is known as the "middle market" (companies that typically have revenues ranging from $5 million to $200 million), and are not limited to any particular market sector.

TriPoint is uniquely positioned to assist new and growing companies in today's business environment. Our principals have successfully worked with over 100 public and private companies from a wide range of industries. Each of the firm's principals has developed, managed, operated, and worked with new businesses and rapidly growing and evolving organizations.

These experiences include concept formation, business plan development, operations, mergers and acquisitions, and private/public financing. Collectively, these backgrounds allow us to bring a wealth of expertise and an extensive network of industry experts to every client.


Full Service Public Market Advisory Consulting

TriPoint offers client companies a full suite of services to provide all the necessary guidance and advice to become a public company in the U.S. Our team works closely with clients to accelerate corporate growth and entry into the public markets.

We provide counsel and support through the entire public entry process; specifically, we assist foreign and domestic client companies to manage each step of the "going public" process and we provide ongoing corporate development and compliance support once a client company becomes a public company. Our suite of services includes:

  • Creating the right corporate message and managing expectations of the public marketplace;
  • Understanding the client's business to help create an executable business plan;
  • Reviewing the issuance of founders' shares; appointment of officers and directors for the company, and assessing its current capitalization;
  • Assisting the client in hiring and managing its auditors and attorneys necessary to help the company begin the process of becoming a public company in the U.S.;
  • Working with the client's auditors to assist the client to comply with U.S. accounting standards ("GAAP");
  • Assisting the client to establish internal controls and procedures;
  • Assisting the client in understanding and navigating U.S. Corporate Compliance and Governance;
  • Selecting and working with the appropriate U.S. based investment banking houses;
  • Reviewing proposed structure and financial instruments;
  • Educating the client regarding public disclosure.

TriPoint's services are comprehensive, yet our fee structure is designed to provide a fair return for our services while also recognizing the significant involvement of our team's senior members. By assisting our clients with their audit, their legal and filing process with their attorneys, auditors, bankers and market makers and by leveraging our relationships with outside firms, we are able to provide a higher quality of bundled services at a considerably lower cost than hiring multiple firms to perform the same services.